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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Weigh in day again!!

So after what I thought was a terrible week again, I lost 1lb! So 9lbs all together so far with slimming world, which I am happy with. Finally starting to get on track again! Really going to try this week as I only have 11lbs to go 

I have also joined the gym! Feeling very motivated at the moment but can't be sure that it will last but you never know, might actually stick to it this time.

So to celebrate my loss this week, I am treating myself to pop tarts! Got the very cherry ones! Yummmmmyyyy!! Been a long time since I have had them! Work out at 10 syns each.

For dinner I had veg and bean chilli with chips, cheese and sugar snap peas. I have to say, I forget I am on a diet sometimes. 

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