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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A bit about the beginning

So I started slimming world after a holiday with a few friends and my friends little girl asked if I was pregnant. I was around the 11st mark. I am only 5ft 2 so it was bigger than I wanted to be or have ever been. Now I know that it's not a huge weight but I was not comfortable.

I had tried to join slimming world before but never stuck to it. I tried after holiday but again couldn't  stick to it and put weight back on, especially after Christmas. I did try doing it at home by myself but it meant that I would just have bad weeks and shrug it off. I didn't try.

I joined again after bumping into my consultant at a supermarket and made the decision that I needed to stick with it. This was on the 7th January this year, at this point I was only 10st 6. Target of 9st 4, that's not a lot to lose but I still needed the group support.

In my first week I lost 3 and a half pounds. Then maintained for a couple of weeks, had 2 pound losses for a couple of weeks, then went completely off plan and woke up on a Monday morning spooning a packet of Doritos with crumbs everywhere.. Opps! 2 pound gain that week, it was deserved as I did also finish a whole packet of rich tea biscuits. Thankfully I am now only half pound away from the weight I was before that slight blip.

That's a not very exciting run through of my journey so far!

Starting weight- 10st 6lb
Current weight- 9st 13lbs
Goal weight- 9st 4lbs

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Thanks for reading

Eve x

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