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Monday, 10 March 2014

All gone down hill!

Haven't posted due to being so tired since I got back from Scotland that I have just been sleeping and working! 

I did try to make mac and cheese from a slimmingworld magazine but it was possibly the worst thing I have ever tasted! I honestly was just gagging while trying to eat it! Safe to say I will never be making that again and ended up eating batchelors rice and salad! Which turned out to be a really good meal. 

Went to my mums last night for tea, she was making roast chicken dinner! Was lovely and just what I needed but I did then eat half a tub of cookie dough ice cream! So disappointed in myself! Means I won't be losing this week at weigh in but I woke up this morning with a bug so not sure I will be even able to make it! 

Sorry for the brief post but not feeling well is not helping! Hopefully have some nice recipes up here soon. Going to have a good play around with my spiralizer to see what sort of meals I can make.

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