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Sunday, 13 April 2014


I personally love knowing what people have for syns. I know many of my fellow slimming world followers post pictures regularly of boxes, cupboards or drawers full of different treats.

So I have decided to share with you my own syn collection. I have become a bit of a hoarder as I like to have a lot of choices. 

I keep mine in 3 cake tins and also a cupboard as I ran out of space in the tins. They sit in the corner of the kitchen, out of site out of mind.. Well most of the time. 

Butterkist toffee popcorn- 5.5 syns 
Velvet crunch sweet chilli- 4.5 syns
Aldi monster claws- 4.5 syns
Metcalfe's popcorn 17g- 4 syns

Cadbury freddo caramel-5 syns
Cadbury freddo-5 syns
Kinder chocolate- 3.5 syns 
Marzipan eggs- 4.5 syns
Mini Creme egg- 2.5 syns 
Tuc biscuits- 1.5 syns 
Chocolate buttons- 4 syns per 15g 

Pink and white- 2.5 syns 
Meringue nest- 2.5 syns 
Cherry Pop tart- 13 syns per tart
Fruit factory fruit stars- 3 syns 
Fruit factory blackcurrent- 3 syns
Strawberry quick milk straws- 1 syn 
Chocolate quick milk straws- 1 syn 
Aldi safari snacks- 6 syns 
Aldi dominion ropes- 4 syns
Cadbury time out bar- 4.5 syns 
Barratt nougat- 6.5 syns 
Instant custard powder- 5 syns per third of pack 
Mini marshmallows -10 for 1 syn
Country slices- 5 syns
Lemon slices- 5 syns
Chocolate chip snack a jack- 3 syns
Metcalfes dark chocolate rice cakes- 4.5 syns 
Chocolate bitez sticks- 1 syn 
Assorted bitez sticks- 1 syn
Weigh watchers Cookie mix- 2 syns per cookie
Options hot chocolate- 2 syns
Aldi light hot chocolate- 2 syns

So that is my syn collection! It is not as large as it used to be as had a clear out. Hope you are all having a good week and this doesn't tempt you to go raid your syn collection 


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Weigh in blues

Sorry I haven't posted the rest of the good diary, it got really busy and I just had to much to do! But it was weigh in day yesterday and the results were not the best. 

Only lost half a pound and ended up binge eating when I got home! I had 6 slices of dominos and a large pack of Doritos. Now needing to do some serious damage control. Less than 5 syns a day, going to the gym tomorrow, Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully i can get a maintain at weigh in! 

Got all my books out and made an order with asda! It's going to be here tomorrow. 

6 and a half pounds from target. 

Hope you have all had a good week! I am certainly going to try. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Food diary day 4- extra easy

So I have been doing success express the past 3 days to see if it would help with my weightloss as I have started to slow down due to not having much left to lose.

Today however I have gone for extra easy   Due to going out for dinner with mum and not being able to focus as much on the 2/3 superfree. 

I am going do extra easy now until weigh in and see what the results are! I am actually excited for once haha. Anyway here is my food diary for today. 

Bitesize weetabix (hexb) with milk (hexa) and banana 

Nando's with mum- meal platter ( shared for 2 people) 
Includes a whole chicken (11.5 syns) with 2 reg sides and 2 bottomless drinks. 
Me and mum chose spice rice (2.5 syns) and salad as our sides. 
Worked out at 7 syns for each of us. 

Ratatouille jacket potato and salad 

Aldi Greek style yoghurt with banana and choc shot (0.5 syns) 
Pink and white (2.5 syns) 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Success express day 3-

Dorset simply fruit muesli (hexb), koko coconut milk (hexa), banana and apple 

Cow boy hot pot and mange tout (8 syns roughly) 

Carrot and lentil soup with chips 

Celery and laughing cow triangle (1.5 syns)!
Velvet crisps- 4 syns
Sugar snap peas
1 and a half shredded wheat (hexb), koko milk, banana and raspberries 

Found it a little more difficult today but think that was because I spend two nights at friends houses so I was completely out of routine. 

Success express day 2-

Quaker oats (fruit muesli flavor), banana and raspberries (hexb). Healthy extra milk (hexa) 

Carrot and lentil soup 

Bean cottage pie and mange tout.

Celery and laughing cow triangle (1.5 syns) 
Sugar snap peas 
Ryvita mini ( 2nd hexb) 
Strawberries ( one was huge) 
Raspberries, aldi fat free yoghurt and meringue (2.5 syns) 
Cookies (12 syns) 
Cherry bake well- (8 syns)  

Went over my syns a bit but will make up for that the rest of the week. Will have 5 syns on Sunday and Monday. 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sucess express food diary- day 1

Had a lovely 1lb loss this week which means I am back to 9st 11lbs. Looking to speed up the loss a bit so giving success express a go, I am wary due to extra healthy extras. 

I have decided to document my food for the week, doesn't seem to be much on the food diary front to say if it works or not. 

Day 1

2 bananas, 35g fruit and fibre and apple pie muller light (1 syn) (1st hex b) 

Mexican rice bake with mange tout and roasted courgettes ( 1st hex a) 

Vegetable soup 

Celery and marmite 
Mange tout
Custard-7 syns 
Pink and white- 2.5 syns 
Peanut hifi bar (2nd hex b) 
Cheese strings (2nd hex a) 

Ate a lot today... Going to stick with it and see how it goes.  

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Slimming world Mexican rice bake

Back on it this week as I unfortunately had a 1lb gain at weigh in. Think this may have been because of the Chinese I had with the housemate and brownie with lots of chocolate sauce and ice cream. Opps!! 

My housemate made a Mexican chicken bake the other night and it looks and smelt amazing, so I decided to have a play around with the recipe. 

Mexican rice bake
Recipe for 2 

For the rice you will need-
Half a cup of rice
Half a tin of kidney beans 
Half a red and green pepper
Half an onion 

For the topping-
Half an onion 
Small carton of passata 
6 small tomato's halved 
1 garlic clove chopped 
1tsp of chilli powder
1tsp of paprika 
1tsp of cinnamon 
1tap cayenne pepper 
Salt and pepper seasoning 
80g cheese (2 hex) 

What you need to do-

Preheat oven to 200

Cook rice, drain and set aside 

Meanwhile fry onion, and garlic clove then add passata, spices and tomato's to the pan and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. 

In a seperate pan, fry onion and peppers.
Add rice and kidney beans.

Pour rice mixture into a oven proof dish.

Spread the sauce over the rice. 

Sprinkle cheese over the top and bake in oven until brown.

- when split into two portions it's free if you use the cheese as healthy extra. 

- can make smaller portions but I am greedy! 

hope you enjoy this recipe.