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Sunday, 13 April 2014


I personally love knowing what people have for syns. I know many of my fellow slimming world followers post pictures regularly of boxes, cupboards or drawers full of different treats.

So I have decided to share with you my own syn collection. I have become a bit of a hoarder as I like to have a lot of choices. 

I keep mine in 3 cake tins and also a cupboard as I ran out of space in the tins. They sit in the corner of the kitchen, out of site out of mind.. Well most of the time. 

Butterkist toffee popcorn- 5.5 syns 
Velvet crunch sweet chilli- 4.5 syns
Aldi monster claws- 4.5 syns
Metcalfe's popcorn 17g- 4 syns

Cadbury freddo caramel-5 syns
Cadbury freddo-5 syns
Kinder chocolate- 3.5 syns 
Marzipan eggs- 4.5 syns
Mini Creme egg- 2.5 syns 
Tuc biscuits- 1.5 syns 
Chocolate buttons- 4 syns per 15g 

Pink and white- 2.5 syns 
Meringue nest- 2.5 syns 
Cherry Pop tart- 13 syns per tart
Fruit factory fruit stars- 3 syns 
Fruit factory blackcurrent- 3 syns
Strawberry quick milk straws- 1 syn 
Chocolate quick milk straws- 1 syn 
Aldi safari snacks- 6 syns 
Aldi dominion ropes- 4 syns
Cadbury time out bar- 4.5 syns 
Barratt nougat- 6.5 syns 
Instant custard powder- 5 syns per third of pack 
Mini marshmallows -10 for 1 syn
Country slices- 5 syns
Lemon slices- 5 syns
Chocolate chip snack a jack- 3 syns
Metcalfes dark chocolate rice cakes- 4.5 syns 
Chocolate bitez sticks- 1 syn 
Assorted bitez sticks- 1 syn
Weigh watchers Cookie mix- 2 syns per cookie
Options hot chocolate- 2 syns
Aldi light hot chocolate- 2 syns

So that is my syn collection! It is not as large as it used to be as had a clear out. Hope you are all having a good week and this doesn't tempt you to go raid your syn collection 


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