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Thursday, 6 March 2014

French toast/Eggy bread

Most of you may already know how to make this but I have had a few people ask me over Instagram so decided I would post the recipe up!

This is my favourite breakfast! Worth using your healthy extra on.I also enjoy saving it for when I come back off a night shift! Also good if you fancy pancakes as they have a very similar taste! Well that's my opinion anyway.

All you need 
 2 Slices of wholemeal bread (400g loaf).
2 medium eggs.
Fruit of your choice.
Any other toppings! I like to have golden syrup (2.5 syns) or lemon juice.

Just spray a pan with fry light and heat it up.
In a bowl, mix two eggs up with a bit of sweetener.
Soak the two bits of bread in the egg mixture on both sides.
Fry both sides until brown

Serve up with some sweetener and what ever else you fancy.
Really quick to make.

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