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Friday, 7 March 2014

New kitchen toy and a long car journey

After saying bye to the boyfriend and driving the 400 miles home, safe to say I am extremely tired and upset as I hate living so far apart! I have resisted the burger kings and mc Donald's that were seen the whole way back but I haven't eaten much today due to being in the car for 8 hours.

Managed 2 hifi bars ( healthy extra), banana bread(3 syns) and a banana. Once home I did get some lentil type stew thing out of the freezer to have with tagliatelle and going to have a cream egg and cheese strings ( healthy extra). Not my usual 3 meals a day and snacks! But best I could do today, specially as mood is low.

On a more positive note, my new kitchen toy turned up!! I ordered it while I was away, cost me £20 off eBay and I think I will be using it lots! It's a spiralizer so can use it to make vegetable noodles etc

I used it to make some courgette noodles to mix in with my tagliatelle! Was very easy to use! Really quick and so easy the clean. It is dishwasher friendly and for £20 it's defiantly worth a try! I can't wait to use this with lots of  meals!!

I am now going some well deserved sleep and dream about what I can use this to make next!

Night all!!

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